Crybaby Kentucky Fans Attack Facebook Page for Ref's Roofing Business after UNC Loss

Definitely a thing mature adults do.

by Mike Piellucci
Mar 28 2017, 8:26pm

When it's the ref's fault. ©Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

First, let's take a moment to bask in the pun-infused URL of Weatherguard, Inc. – 70-grade whimsy right there.

Weatherguard is a roofing business owned by John Higgins, based out of Omaha, Neb. It installs siding, roofing and gutters, and there is no reason for you or anyone else to care about this whatsoever unless a hailstorm rolled through Nebraska and wrecked your roof's shit. I'm going to repeat that: Nobody should care about John Higgins's business.

People do care, though, and by people I mean "Kentucky fans." They care because of John Higgins's side gig as an NCAA referee. In particular, they care because he officiated Sunday's Elite Eight game between the Wildcats and North Carolina, which saw the Tar Heels advance on a buzzer-beater. Kentucky spent much of the game in foul trouble, with four starters picking up two fouls apiece in the first half. How much this ultimately mattered is up for debate, but head coach John Calipari stoked the fanbase right out of the gate in his post gamer presser, derisively saying it was "amazing we were in that game when they practically fouled out my team."

Evidently, Wildcat fans sided with Cal. And, being the even-keeled sort, they channeled their frustration in a totally normal, not-at-all weird or petty sort of way: They carpet bombed the Rooferees Facebook page, which is now no longer visible, as well as the John Higgins Weatherguard, Inc. Facebook page, which is still live for now.

Here, via @CardChronicle are some choice excerpts:

As a rule, I try not to equate enforcement of loose-ball fouls with proficiency at nailing down aluminum siding—that's just me. I also would be unlikely to post a Facebook comment acknowledging that I purportedly paid money to a man who bedded my wife and stole my animal. But, hey man, you do you, Definitely Not Bitter Kentucky Fan Writing A Review Of An Incident That Absolutely Happened.

Meanwhile, showing up all the crybabies, from his coach to the people who cheer for him, is De'Aaron Fox, who had this to say after the game:

"I'm not blaming the officials, man . . . ," he said. "We've been in foul trouble before. We've won games when we were in foul trouble. It's tougher playing a team like North Carolina, and doing it. But we had a chance to win."

De'Aaron Fox is 19 years old.

UNC beat Kentucky 75-73.

h/t @CardChronicle