Fan Called the Cops on Cam Newton for Ripping Down his Stupid Banner

Cam Newton ripped down a Packers fan's sign and the fan reported it as a theft.

by Sean Newell
Nov 9 2015, 6:36pm

Ah, Dumb Football. You are always so dumb. A Green Bay Packers fan in North Carolina went to all the trouble of having a huge banner made to show off his Packers pride. It was a green outline of the state of North Carolina, with a Packers logo in the middle, that read "North Carolina Cheesehead." Cam Newton noticed the banner in pregame warmups and ripped it down and discarded the enemy signage. Is this stupid and macho "we must protect this house" stuff? Of course. Is that the most ridiculous part of this story? Of course not.

Mike Dobs of Fayetteville had the banner made for $500 last year and it previously adorned a wall in his "man room" at home. As a result of Newton's actions, and likely in retaliation for having to look at a blank space on his Man Room wall, Dobs went to police in the stadium and reported a theft. He also complained to team management. As it turns out, Dobs did not report the banner company that charged him $500 for a tarp with an image of the state of North Carolina on it, he reported Cam Newton for stealing the sign.

It's Dobs' understanding that the banner was destroyed. He said a Panthers employee told him the organization would make it up to him.
He said he will give them 48 hours before he takes further action.

48 hours! Further action!

After the game, Newton was asked about the whole thing and admitted he did it because he didn't want an opponent's sign in his home stadium. "We played in Green Bay last year and I didn't see no 'Panther Country' signs in their stadium. You're not going to sell a Whopper at McDonald's." I can't confirm the first part, but that last part is definitely true.

According to head coach Ron Rivera, Newton has "been talked to" about the incident and is going to reach out to the family. Maybe he can help Dobs figure out what to do with the next $500 he wants to waste.