Browns Draftee Scooby Wright Celebrates By Jumping in the Pool With All His Clothes On

Scooby Wright, a linebacker from Arizona, was elated enough to throw himself in.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
May 1 2016, 12:55am

There are few moments that make this whole NFL Draft fuck circus worth it. For viewers, it's a long slog through some of the worst commentating imaginable—for F's sake, the crew was giggling at the names "Beavers" and "Bush" earlier today. And then there's the mountains of highlights of kids you can't remember through the five-beers deep you were at bowl games this past December. But the Draft changes fates, it changes lives, and it can be emotional. So today, just leave it to someone named "Scooby" to show you what it's really all about.

Today, after hearing that he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the seventh round, Arizona linebacker Scooby Wright stuffed his eyes into his hands, started crying, and shortly after, launched himself into the pool—fully-clothed. Good on you, Scooby! Come for the delightful hurdle into the pool, stay for the bizarre commentary about Scooby's penchant for vomiting.

It's a completely reasonable response, jumping into the pool. You've made it, Scooby m'boy! You're in the big leagues, kid! You squeaked by, beating the odds! That is, unless his reason for jumping in was to drown himself. It is the Browns, after all....

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