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Woman Behind Home Plate at PNC Park Takes Foul Ball Right to the Head

A fan was drilled in the head by a foul ball while trying to get to her seat behind home plate during Cubs-Pirates.
April 21, 2015, 12:35am

Cubs-Pirates was delayed for about 25 minutes in the top of the second tonight after a woman was drilled in the head with a foul ball from Starlin Castro. There is netting behind the backstop of all Major League stadiums and obviously the ball did not go through it, but the woman was apparently standing close enough, and the netting had enough give to it, that the ball still hit her.

According to Pirates reporter Travis Sawchik, the woman received medical attention and was eventually taken away on a stretcher.

Twenty-three minute delay. Fan was taken off on a stretch.
— Travis Sawchik (@Sawchik_Trib) April 21, 2015

Awaiting word on condition of fan. She was lying down, obstructed by seating & people. Restricted on stretcher. Looked bad. Hope she's OK
— Travis Sawchik (@Sawchik_Trib) April 21, 2015

h/t Deadspin