Browns QB Robert Griffin III Placed on Injured Reserve with Broken Bone in Shoulder

RGIII's injury won't require surgery but he could miss the rest of the season.

by Dave Brown
Sep 12 2016, 8:00pm

Star-crossed quarterback Robert Griffin III is back on the shelf, exactly one week into his comeback with the Browns, because of a broken bone in his left shoulder. Griffin, who had not played since the 17th week of the 2014 season because of a gruesome knee injury and other setbacks, has been placed on injured reserve by Cleveland following their loss to the Eagles on Sunday in week one. The injured reserve designation means Griffin won't be eligible to return until week 10, but he could potentially miss the rest of the season. Josh McCown now becomes the Browns' starting quarterback.

With his team down 12 points, Griffin scrambled by the sideline late in the fourth quarter when he took a shot to the chest on a tackle by Jalen Mills. Griffin finished the game, going 12-for-26 for 190 yards plus an interception, telling reporters after the game that he was "in pain" but would be okay. Griffin's fractured coracoid bone reportedly will be re-evaluated in three or four weeks.

On Monday, Browns coach Hue Jackson said Griffin—who has often faced criticism for not avoiding contact—"was trying to do the right thing" in getting out of bounds.

Griffin was electrifying as a rookie for Washington in 2012, but below-average in the next two seasons, when he combined to play in 22 games. The Browns have made the playoffs twice as a franchise since 1990 and just once (in 2002) since being reborn in Cleveland in 1999 after Art Modell took the original franchise to Baltimore. Cleveland was hoping that RGIII could recapture his brief glory days and help the Browns jump on the city's winning bandwagon alongside the Cavaliers and Indians. At this point, neither prospect looks promising.

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