Motherboard Is Liveblogging the Election

Coming at you from our highly fortified Command Center in Brooklyn.

It’s hard to imagine it’s possible, but it sure feels like the wealth of political media and pundits have grown since 2008, and the political news cycle has become even more compressed, bizarre, and detached from reality. Combined with politicians who simply don’t stop campaigning, we’ve been breathlessly hearing about today’s election for four goddamn years. So, while all the talking heads hunker down in their TV studio Election Compounds, Fort Decision 2k12, Vote Bunkers, and Presidential Showdown Moon Bases, I thought I’d hop into the old Motherboard Command Center to start liveblogging (this may get erratic) the most important decision America will ever make. Hell, I even put on a collared shirt today, because folks, I care about exhaustive wheedling over election minutiae this country. Onward!

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