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We Gave DJ Paul a Disposable Camera

Welcome to the first installment of Flash and Trash, our new photo series where we send interesting people disposable cameras and ask them to document their everyday lives for us.

by Christian Storm
Dec 10 2013, 6:45pm

UPDATE: A number of mouth-breathers in the comments section and on Twitter are currently callousing up their typing fingers in a frantic effort to let us know that THEY SENT PEOPLE CAMERAS FIRST! The truth is, the idea of sending a person a camera and asking them to take pictures with it is not novel or new. There are a number of organizations that do this, and as far as we can tell they were not all founded on the same day. To name a few, there is The Disposable Memory Project, DisposeTepsicThe 100Hejorama, an entire subreddit, and even a fucking e-HowAnd just to clarify, we intend to publish photos from all walks of life, not just musicians. So there you go, make sure to shout out George Eastman in your next newsletter, issue, and/or tweet. 

Welcome to the first installment of Flash and Trash, our new photo series where we give our favorite photographers, artists, musicians, chefs, actors, and other interesting people a disposable camera (or two) and ask them to take some photos for us to provide some insight into their everyday lives. Once they send them back, we develop and publish so you can bask in the grainy results.

To kick it off, we gave the world famous DJ Paul a couple of disposables and asked him to document his life for a week. If you don't know DJ Paul, please take a second to punch yourself in the forehead and then a few more seconds to go and buy everything Three 6 Mafia has ever released. DJ Paul just released a new mixtape with several of the original members of Triple Six under the moniker Da Mafia 6ix, and to celebrate he headed down to Aruba to hang with friends and fans before filming a new music video in LA. During his trip, he and his lackeys ran through the rolls like they (most likely) ran through all the white women in these photos.