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The 'Trainspotting 2' Trailer Is Here and, Don't Worry, It Actually Looks Incredible

“Choose life, choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and hope that someone, somewhere cares.”

by Noisey Staff
Nov 3 2016, 2:11pm

In 1996 we were graced with one of the greatest opening scenes ever made in British cinema: a shaven-headed Ewan McGregor sprinting down Princes Street in Edinburgh as the galloping drums of Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life" plays and Irvine Welsh's iconic "Choose" passage echoes through his head. It's been two decades since Trainspotting arrived and captured the grotty heaven/hell duality of the 90s in its crystal clear vision, and now, two decades on, Danny Boyle's anticipated sequel approaches.

It's fair to say that everyone is shitting themselves about this. Seeing something so precious toyed with 20 years on—in the same way we've seen cult classics like Donnie Darko, Zoolander and From Dusk Till Dawn ruined by attempts to revisit—can be agonizing. But the first trailer, which dropped today on Film4's Twitter page, and features Renton, Spud, Sick Boy, Begbie, and Diane, is a more than tasty teaser of what's to come. The cast have aged of course, but the storyline looks tight, it doesn't look cringey, and it still somehow looks as brutal as ever.

Watch below, and look forward to it dropping on January 27: