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Robyn Lends Her Vocals to Super Chill New Track “Trust Me”

The Swedish musical mastermind appears on the new single by DJ Mr. Tophat.

by Lauren O'Neill
Nov 4 2016, 4:55pm

Robyn is behind what is, objectively, the finest pop song ever written. This is a true fact which is not up for debate, sorry. And so on this basis alone, any new music emitting from her general direction is HUGE NEWS.

So it is exciting indeed that the Swedish musical mastermind has lent her distinctive vocals to a new track, "Trust Me," by her fellow countryman, DJ and producer Mr. Tophat, who previously remixed her song "Main Thing."

And as it happens, like pretty much everything else Robyn does, "Trust Me" is very good. It's also reminiscent of Groovejet by Spiller if it had more chill and featured a cute alien disco queen on vocals instead of Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The song is available to stream now in both a radio edit and an extended original mix version, and I would strongly advise that you get it bookmarked now because Robyn's soft, comforting tones are going to be what gets you through your horrible weekend comedown, you mark my words. Listen below.

(Lead image via YouTube​)

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