Donald Trump Is So Awful That YG Released a Second “FDT” Video for the Remix

You can see YG talk about pissing on Donald's golf courses in high def black-and-white.

by Alex Robert Ross
Aug 16 2016, 3:15pm

There’s no question that YG and Nipsey Hussle’s original “Fuck Donald Trump” hit harder than the G-Eazy and Macklemore-featuring remix that surfaced a few weeks later. Sure, it’s a high bar to set given just how dismissive and thorough the original was. And G-Eazy and Macklemore can’t attempt to unite the Bloods and Crips like the two LA rappers did on the original, so they’re at an immediate disadvantage. But G-Eazy’s verse didn’t possess a fraction of the original’s bile, coming off more like a half-drunk political science freshman at midnight. “How’d he make it this far / How the fuck did it begin / a Trump rally sounds like Hitler in Berlin.” It’s not that he’s not right and it’s not that his heart’s not in the right place, but it ain’t incisive. “This man’s not peaceful / Racism’s evil / This man hates Muslim that’s a billion fucking people,” he rapped later on. It’s like he’s rhyming through your Facebook feed.

Today YG dropped the video for the remix. It’s a lot of spliced together black-and-white footage of protests and rallies, trying to get the terror of the situation across as concisely as possible. It works on a bunch of levels, if you’re alright to cringe through G-Eazy's verse for a bit. Macklemore’s verse actually really worked the first time around and nobody can fault the guy for his ability to stare into a camera and look like he sincerely cares. Here, that’s a virtue. And YG is having silly amounts of fun with a flag draped round him talking about pissing on Donald’s golf courses.

But it really makes sense for the last 15 seconds or so when two Ralph Lauren-wearing douchebag characatures slurring “build that wall” into the camera are accosted out of nowhere. “I like white folks, but I don’t like you,” they’re told. “All the brothers in the hood, they’re gonna find you. Fuck Trump.” Exit, to the confusion of the bro. It’s golden.

Watch the whole thing below and read our interview with YG right here.

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