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A Dancing Mummy K-hole

In the spirit of Halloween, we're sharing our top five dancing mummy videos. For being dead, crusty things stuffed with herbs and bugs, they dance pretty well.

Oct 25 2012, 3:02pm

In the spirit of Halloween I’m sharing with you my top five dancing mummy videos. I’m not including videos by the band the Mummy’s because they don’t really dance and I will spare you the terrifyingly bad funk explosion of Here Come the Mummies . There are plenty Egyptian themed videos, but weirdly there are no mummies in “Walk Like an Egyptian” nor are there any in Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” although I really wish there were. But I guess it’s not exactly a lacking video with it’s ground breaking computer animation, the baby lion, Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson’s giant nipples and Iman’s sexy ass.

Without further adieu, here are my top five dancing mummy videos:

1. “Das Omen” – Mysterious Art

This video is what got my dancing mummy search started. I found it while in a YouTube k-hole of Belgian new beat tracks. This mummy is my favorite because she’s wearing high heels. Mysterious Art’s song “Das Omen” was #1 on Germany’s charts in 1989. They opened for Madonna but never made it past European one hit wonder status. With the best chorus of all time: “If there’s a ghost in your mind/Call the Omen/If there’s a death in your dreams/Call the Omen/If there’s a monster on your roof/Call the Omen/If there’s a witch on a hill/Call the Omen” it’s all winner in my book. Immediately after discovering the track my boyfriend tracked down the 12” single on Ebay so he could DJ it at Wierd.

2. “Le Dormeur” – Pleasure Game

This mummy has my favorite moves. I’m not sure what he’s doing dancing with these girls by a plane wreck. Best not to ask. This video is for the classic Belgian dance track which features a sample from David Lynch’s Dune. Bonus points for the mummy Barbie at the end. Definitely a standard bearer for the mummy as a feature player.

3. “Around the World” – Daft Punk

Fifteen years later this video remains eminently unfuckwithable thanks to Blanca Li’s choreography and Michel Gondry’s direction. One of the greatest music videos of all time and it just happens to have dancing mummies, how incredibly convenient.

4. “The Mummy” – from the film Mad Monster Party

This mummy isn’t much of a dancer, but what can you do? He’s made of clay. But Little Tibia and the Fibias sure do wail! Check out the 1967 stop motion film that was a very obvious influence of Tim Burton’s. It was written by Mad magazine’s Harvey Kurtzman and the characters were designed by one of Mad’s founding artists, Jack Davis. Watch the whole move, its on Netflix Instant.

“Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” – Backstreet Boys

No dancing mummy post is complete with this solidly entertaining pile of crap. 1997 was apparently a good year for the mummy, this video being filmed only a few months after the Daft Punk release debut. The Backstreet Boys were probably the least sexy sex symbols in history. “Am I sexual?” If you’ve got to ask, the answer is no.