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These Two Guys Named Their Pizza Place After a Dave Matthews Band Song

There are worse things to name your pizza place after, we guess?

by VICE LA Staff
Oct 20 2015, 10:37pm

Image via The Warehouse on Instagram

If there's one thing pizza is known for, it's its association with Dave Matthews Band. That's what these two guys in the Chicago area think at least. According to DNAInfo, local pizza entrepreneurs Carmelo Scalzo and Augie Femminella have opened up a pizza restaurant and sports bar called The Warehouse Bar & Pizzeria.

The place is named after the DMB song "Warehouse."

"We're both really big Dave Matthews fans," Scalzo told DNAInfo, adding. "We bought the [website] URL seven or eight years [ago] knowing we'd open up this bar."

The Warehouse replaces the recently shuttered Via Carducci, which was owned by Scalzo's family and for whom Femminella served as a manager.

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