My Pee-Slave Made Me a Comic Book

Awwwww! Brad is too cute! He just loves it when I pee in his ears.

A couple months ago I wrote an article about

my journey to becoming a professional dominatrix. I spent three days following around a prominent New York domme called Mistress Dee, who gave me lots of hot tips on how to live the BDSM life—like where to buy latex, the correct way to insert a lollipop into a Hasid’s asshole, and how to aim your pee stream directly into an open mouth. It was really hard, and at points I felt like I wasn’t going to make it. But whenever things got tough, I just got down on my knees and prayed. With the grace of God I made it to the end of my sadist bootcamp with a brand new PVC  ball gag to show for it!

Well, it’s been five months since my training, and you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve been peeing on people for cash on my own pretty regularly now. (#TotesGrownUp) One of my favorite pee slaves is a firefighter named Brad. The reason I’m so fond of Brad is that every time we meet up for a session he makes me a little drawing to demonstrate how much he cares about me and my urine. Below are a couple examples.

Awwwww! Brad is too cute! He just loves it when I pee in his ears. A couple weeks ago I told him how much I appreciated his fetish artwork, and how I proudly hung each of his drawings on my fridge. Since then he’s totally upped his game and started making me entire comic books! Check ‘em out. Brad is clearly the next Daniel Clowes.



I wonder what's going to happen next in the wonderful world of Brad and Karley!

Pee.S. Brad is currently looking for gallery representation.