88-Year-Old Former Australian PM Bob Hawke Pounds a Cold One at Cricket Match

The old-timer has a tradition of pounding a brew at the Sydney Cricket Ground.
January 5, 2018, 7:59pm
Screenshot via Twitter/@btsportcricket

By all accounts, Australia's former Prime Minister Bob Hawke is a legend—if a complicated one. The 88-year-old is the oldest-surviving former prime minister, and held office from 1983-91, making him the Labor Party's most oft-elected prime minister. Oh, and he can pound a brew like no other.

Hawke is a cricket fan, and has apparently made something of a tradition out of slamming down a cold one at the Sydney Cricket Ground. According to The Age, Hawke has chugged a beer in 2012 at 13 seconds, 2014 at 10 seconds, a half beer in 2017 at five seconds—but this time, he was a bit slower at 35 seconds.

Give the man a break—he's 88 years old. When Bob was a youth, however, he actually held a Guinness World Record for fastest time drinking a yard (2.5 pints) of beer in 11 seconds flat. His liver has been kind to him. Cheers, Bobby-boy.