This Video of Iggy Pop Eating a Burger is the Anti-ASMR You Didn't Know You Needed

Has anyone ever eaten fast food this methodically?
August 16, 2018, 5:19pm
Photo via YouTube user Suicide Squeeze Records

Now in his 70s, Iggy Pop has famously adopted a healthier diet in recent years—but truly what good is a long, full, iconic life of unparalleled artistry if you don't eat a fast food hamburger every now and then? Fortunately for all of us, the 71-year-old rock legend has chosen to indulge on camera in a new music video for Death Valley Girls' “Disaster (Is What We’re After).”

The video, directed by Kansas Bowling, is a direct recreation of the the Andy Warhol scene from 1982's 66 Scenes of America—_except without the explicit branding and with a lot more, well, verve. The decision to remain so faithful to the source material seems like a bit of a bummer for Iggy, though, whose burger is delivered without any toppings and who tosses half the bun, just like Warhol, midway through. Plus who _dips their burger in ketchup?

The whole thing raises the question: What song would you solemnly rock out with a suit and hamburger to?