This Video of Iggy Pop Eating a Burger is the Anti-ASMR You Didn't Know You Needed

Has anyone ever eaten fast food this methodically?

by Hannah Keyser
Aug 16 2018, 5:19pm

Photo via YouTube user Suicide Squeeze Records

Now in his 70s, Iggy Pop has famously adopted a healthier diet in recent years—but truly what good is a long, full, iconic life of unparalleled artistry if you don't eat a fast food hamburger every now and then? Fortunately for all of us, the 71-year-old rock legend has chosen to indulge on camera in a new music video for Death Valley Girls' “Disaster (Is What We’re After).”

The video, directed by Kansas Bowling, is a direct recreation of the the Andy Warhol scene from 1982's 66 Scenes of America—except without the explicit branding and with a lot more, well, verve. The decision to remain so faithful to the source material seems like a bit of a bummer for Iggy, though, whose burger is delivered without any toppings and who tosses half the bun, just like Warhol, midway through. Plus who dips their burger in ketchup?

The whole thing raises the question: What song would you solemnly rock out with a suit and hamburger to?

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