VICELAND Investigates the Internet's Battlegrounds on the Premiere of 'CYBERWAR'

Don't miss the first episode of the new show Tuesday, along with an appearance from Joe Budden on 'THE THERAPIST.'
October 3, 2017, 10:15pm

On Tuesday, VICELAND is debuting CYBERWAR, our series chronicling the hackers, government officials, and social dissidents going head-to-head on the internet's battlefields. The series premiere finds host Ben Makuch investigating how the alt-right has deployed memes in America's online culture war, reshaping the country's political and ideological landscape with the click of a mouse.

CYBERWAR airs Tuesdays at 10 PM.

VICELAND is also airing a new episode of THE THERAPIST, in which Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh sits down with Joe Budden to discuss the rapper's lifelong struggle with rage. Budden has a habit of letting people's words and actions get to his head, prompting Dr. Singh to wonder why he gives them the power—a question the rapper is hard-pressed to answer.

THE THERAPIST airs Mondays at 10:30 PM.

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