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Internet Daughter's 'Deleted Tweets' EP Encompasses All Our Online Feelings

The Toronto producer/DJ gathers underground talent for a digital party.

by Phil Witmer
Sep 29 2017, 4:36pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

Much has been said about being Mad Online, but what about being Sad Online? Is there a place for being Glad Online? Exasperated but Persevering Online? Much like its close cousin Life, Online is indeed host to a plethora of moods and states, some of which are captured on Internet Daughter's new EP Deleted Tweets.

Far from the regret conjured by its title, the tape has more to do with the exhilaration of burning down one's past mistakes if its focus on shit-disturbing rap beats is anything to go by. "Audemars" is a textbook flexing anthem, while "Unapproachable" sets Scarborough art-rapper Just John against cascading, gated synths. "PDX" might be the most striking song, all melancholy drift and spoken-word poetry. Whatever you happen to feel on an average day Online (which is probably a lot in this day and age), Internet Daughter has your back. Listen to Deleted Tweets below and check out Internet Daughter and friends at tonight's edition of Dead Poets in Toronto.

Phil is on Twitter and will likely delete all his tweets one day.

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