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A Mysterious Computer Issue Is Affecting Hollywood Movie and TV Editors

Editors in Los Angeles reported being unable to reboot their computers on Monday evening, an issue that software maker Avid says it's looking into.

by Matthew Gault
Sep 24 2019, 9:54pm

Image: Flickr/Floris Oosterveld

Something weird happened in Hollywood on Monday evening. Well, weirder than usual.

As first reported in Variety, film and TV editors across Los Angeles experienced mysterious computer issues: their Mac Pros wouldn’t boot up after they’d been shut down. The common thread was that they were all using Avid, a popular program for digitally editing feature films.

“Happened to our whole team at Modern Family,” Michael Kamens, an assistant editor on the ABC show Modern Family, tweeted in reply to another assistant editor reporting issues with Avid.

In a statement, Avid wouldn’t clarify whether the issue came down to a bug or something else, but said that the company is looking into it.

“Avid is aware of the reboot issue affecting Apple Mac Pro devices running some Avid products, which arose late yesterday,” it said in a press release that spokespeople sent to VICE. “This issue is top priority for our engineering and support teams, who have been working diligently to determine and resolve the root cause.”

Apple declined to comment and referred VICE to Avid.