Lance Stephenson Wants You to Know He Looks Amazing Today

"I woke up and I look amazing! Oh my god!"

by Liam Daniel Pierce
May 4 2018, 5:10pm

Screen capture via Instagram/@stephensonlance 

Lance Stephenson is certainly the greatest sports comedian of our generation. The man brought you arguably the greatest sports gif of all time, and so it shouldn't come as a surprise that something as simple as him waking up and looking in the mirror amounts to pure comedic gold.

Though the man bowed out in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs against LeBron and the Cavaliers, it seems that he's got an extra pop in his step. Just take a look, sound on:

"I woke up and I look amazing! Oh my god!" Stephenson says while admiring himself shirtless.

Who knows? Maybe after watching the Raptors get demoralized in the first two (home) games against Cleveland, he feels vindicated that his Pacers pushed the Cavs to a full seven games. So take yourself another look in that mirror, Lance. Looking amazing.

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