Gahh!! Bald Eagle Attacks Mariners Pitcher James Paxton

Is it a coincidence that James Paxton is Canadian? Probably not.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Apr 5 2018, 8:32pm

Screen capture via Twitter/cjzero

There are a lot of way to strike fear into the hearts of your sports enemies. Spitting in their swim lane, holding on to their shorts, dunking in their face. But unleashing a bald eagle on a Canadian is just fucked up, man.

As teams often do, the Minnesota Twins had a little pre-game ceremony for the home opener, which included a military flyover and a bald eagle (no politics in sports here!) flying from the rafters to his trainer on the infield somewhere. Except at some point during the performance, the eagle lost it's way (no metaphors here!) and decided to try to land on Mariners starting pitcher James Paxton:

And you know what? Paxton handles it like a straight-up boss. Barely flinches. Just in case you want to see the eagle attack up close and in slow-mo:

Do we think the eagle took a knee at the end there?

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