Trump Will Hate This Movie About Jason Statham Fighting a Big-Ass Shark

Jason Statham is big, but this shark is bigger.
April 10, 2018, 4:10pm

There is no beast more terrifying than a giant shark. Just ask President Trump. So it's only natural, then, that this summer's goofiest aquatic thriller would find a fitting adversary to pit against the massive fish: Jason "I'll Punch Anything in the Face Once" Statham.

Warner Brothers dropped the first trailer for The Meg on Monday, giving us a look at the sea-dwelling, razor-toothed antagonist in all its glory. Instead of dying out like 2 million years ago, the megalodon—the biggest shark that ever lived—somehow survived and is now going after innocent puppies, aloof beachgoers, and seafaring vessels. It's now up to a team of deep-sea researchers—led by Jonas Taylor (Statham), Jack Morris (Rainn Wilson), and Jaxx Herd (Ruby Rose)—to save humanity from the meg's unquenchable thirst for blood.

The trailer for the film, which has been in production for more than 20 years, features everything you'd expect from a terrifying shark movie. Set to the tune of Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea," the beast rams into the underwater research station, glides beneath unsuspecting swimmers, and jumps out of the water, maw open, while the research team enjoys a sunny day at sea.

And of course, because this is a Jason Statham movie, guns, helicopters, and fiery explosions work their way into the trailer, because how else do you take on a 70,000-pound shark? Presumably, we'll get to see the action hero sock that megalodon in the nose, or maybe roundhouse kick it in the eye. Maybe he'll even dive into the belly of the beast itself, and blow the thing up with a few sticks of TNT or something. Who knows!

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