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We Know Who Put That Fake Presidential Seal Behind Trump. And He Got Fired.

Conservative student group Turning Point USA says it was one of their own staffers who placed the doctored seal behind the president.

by Trone Dowd
Jul 25 2019, 8:22pm

The person responsible for using a fake presidential seal that roasted President Trump’s love of Russia, golf and cold hard cash, has been found out and fired.

Conservative student group Turning Point USA says it was one of their own staffers who placed the doctored seal behind the president during his visit to the Teen Student Action Summit in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, according to the Washington Post.

“It was nothing malicious,” the spokesperson told the Post. “Just an accident.”

The staffer was let go regardless of the intention behind the gaffe.

News of the altered seal made the rounds Wednesday morning when the Washington Post first reported the use of the image during the conservative conference.

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Instead of the presidential seal that we’ve all come to expect, the one seen on stage during his appearance featured a two-headed bird, a fictional animal commonly associated with Russia’s coat of arms, a wad of cash in its right claw, and a set of golf clubs in its left claw.

The two-headed bird also carried a banner with the phrase “45 es un titere,” or “45 is a puppet” scrolled across it.

Footage of Trump at Tuesday’s summit shows the president standing next to the fake seal smiling and nodding to his young supporters. The image remained projected on the stage for the entirety of Trump’s 83-minute speech and was caught on camera by the dozens of young conservatives and reporters who were in attendance.

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Unlike the perpetrator of the crime, the source of the image was figured out fairly easily. An online apparel site called Inktale sells a number of items, including shirts, tote bags and mugs from a retailer by the name OneTermDonnie. Among the 19 designs available, one called “Trump’s Presidential Seal” is identical to the satirical symbol used at the Turning Point Summit.

The mix up was the result of a botched Google image search for a high-resolution photo of the traditional Presidential seal according to CNN.

OneTermDonnie profile page says it’s “dedicated to the cause of ensuring Donald Trump serves no more than one term as the President of the United States.” The retailer’s social media accounts have not been updated since June 2017.

Cover: U.S. President Donald Trump applauds in front of a doctored presidential seal with a double headed eagle and a set of golf clubs as he arrives to address the Teen Student Action Summit July 23, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)