Listen to HoodCelebrityy’s Cardi B-Approved New Mixtape, ‘Trap Vs. Reggae’

The Bronx-based dancehall and hip-hop artist premieres her second mixtape of 2017.
August 11, 2017, 3:00pm

Jamaican-born, New York-based rapper and reggae musician HoodCelebrityy was famous in the Bronx before she started uploading 15-second freestyles. Working at a fashion store on Fordham Road, selling "clothing, music, or street shit," she hustled. Then, two years ago, Cardi B called her up, having seen one of her videos, and things took off. Since then she's released a a clutch of tracks with Cardi B, a debut mixtape in Can't Believe It's Just A Girl, and this restless track with Mixpak artist Jubilee.

This morning, HoodCelebrityy premieres her second mixtape, Trap Vs. Reggae. It features the already-released "Island Girls" featuring Cardi B and Josh X, and 14 more hip-hop-inspired dancehall tracks that range from the jagged ("Sit Down," 'Run That"), to the direct ("I'm the Shhhh"). The tape finds its groove when it attacks the dancehall melodies, first on the radio-ready R&B track "Special" and then on the straight-up poppy "Vybez." Listen to Trap Vs. Reggae in full below.

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