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The Internet Play "Come Over" in a Cozy 'Fallon' Living Room

Christopher Smith changed the beat up, Syd sprawled out on a couch, and Steve Lacy pulled a solo in front of a houseplant.

by Alex Robert Ross
Jun 28 2018, 11:41am

Mellow, talent-packed R&B quintet The Internet's new album, Hive Mind, is out on July 20, and we've heard two of the record's singles so far: the soft-grooved "Roll (Burbank Funk)" and the yearning, trip-paced "Come Over." They took the latter to Fallon last night, performing in a set-up living room replete with lamps and houseplants and a couch for Syd to sit on. Christopher Smith switched the beat up, halving the kick-drum throbs and adding filling the gaps with hi-hat trills, Syd was captivatingly chilled-out, and Steve Lacy took over for a seemingly improvised solo. Watch it at the top of the page.

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