Hezbollah Shows Off New Ninja-Like Uniforms in Lebanon

It's not G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes or a Star Wars villain, but a strong new look unveiled in Beirut this week by Hezbollah, according to photos and tweets posted on social media.

by Kayla Ruble
Nov 7 2014, 5:00pm

Image via Twitter

The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has reportedly unveiled its fresh, all-black uniform line and users on social media have highlighted the new garb's ninja-like appearance, as well as the potential for overheating.

According to an Al Arabiya report on the new outfits, they made their debut on the Shiite militants on Tuesday in a Beirut suburb, potentially during a rally on the Muslim commemoration day of Ashura — a national holiday in Lebanon — based on Twitter hashtags and descriptions.

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Photos circulating online show what appear to be Hezbollah special forces patrolling the Beirut streets dressed in head-to-toe black uniforms with red arm bands. They are equipped with what look like bulletproof vests, as well as black face masks, dark goggles, and a black helmet that flows seamlessly into the uniform. The soldiers, part of one of the world's strongest guerrilla forces, are also sporting sleek black cargo pants and combat boots.

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One Twitter commenter noted that the gear "freakin kicks ass," while another poster debated the practicality of the new look for high temperatures during hot summers in Lebanon. 

Others pointed out possible lookalikes for the uniform: Death Star employees and G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes.

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