Photographs of Butt Bouquets for Valentine's Day

Photographer Jessica Pettway gives some tips on how to avoid boring and generic arrangements.

by Jessica Pettway
Feb 14 2018, 2:42pm

Jessica Pettway

If you're going to participate in the yearly monetary mad dash to someone's heart—also known as Valentine's Day—please steer clear of celebrating your loved ones with stale candy and played-out rose bouquets! Handcrafted arrangements that are both personalized and functional to show you care are the way to go. Try arrangements inspired by their favorite bodega snack or greasy dinner, or get straight to the point and use your butt as a vase! Revisit childhood pranks with their favorite flower or completely smother them in a sea of petals! This year, avoid boring and generic arrangements, and think of a more thoughtful approach to gifting dead flowers!

Jessica Pettway is a photographer based in NYC. You can follow her work here.

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