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Malcolm Jenkins Tells Desus and Mero About Fighting for Criminal Justice Reform

The NFL star visited the VICELAND show to talk about his experience meeting inmates, riding along with cops, and speaking with political figures to incite change.

by Sarah Bellman
Jul 18 2017, 2:06pm

Malcolm Jenkins is a world-class athlete, but he doesn't have a flippant view of fame. Instead, the NFL star uses his celebrity status to elevate the conversation around the issues he truly believes in, namely criminal justice advocacy.

"Being a football player, being an athlete, it gets you access to [what] people who do this work every day can't get," the Eagles safety told Desus and Mero. On Monday's episode, Jenkins explained how he and other NFL players have met with political figures and members of the criminal justice system to encourage change . "We're trying to use that platform to bridge some gaps, and put some pressure on some people to make decisions, and continue to push that agenda."

Jenkins went on to recount his experiences seeing both sides of America's criminal justice system—from a police ride-along to visiting inmates at a prison—which has helped shape how he believes it should improve.

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