Lana Del Rey is a "Slytherin, But in a Really Dope Way"

(and other important observations from indie music's own sorting hat, Perfume Genius)

by Lauren O'Neill
Jul 3 2017, 2:00pm

As the internet celebrated 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone hit shelves, and Twitter users negotiated the weathered path between the "Harry Potter is Actually Bad" tweets and the "Actually, It Is The Tweets About Harry Potter Being Bad That Are Bad" tweets, a small gem emerged.

Perfume Genius, who is also a lowkey Comic Genius, tweeted that he would act as something of an indie Sorting Hat, sorting fans' faves into the different Hogwarts houses:

Obviously 'hilarity' 'ensued,' as this turned out to be another of Perfume Genius' many talents. Lana Del Rey was confirmed to be "slytherin but in a really dope way" (we all knew) and Father John Misty exposed for the "public slytherin private huffle" he is. Also I just want to give a shoutout to the description of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver as "battle huffle" because I don't know if I have ever read anything more accurate. Here are some examples embedded, for your love / rage / joy.

Obviously this got me to thinking: what about the faves who were not sorted? Arcade Fire, for example, should be recognised for the band of merry Ravenclaws that they are. HAIM are Hufflepuffs (except for Este who might well be a Gryffindor). Calvin Harris is a Hufflepuff, and so are all of The xx, and Liam Gallagher is an absolute Slytherin. I could do this all day.

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(Image via Wikimedia Commons)