Video shows lightning strike destroy a Chicago train station

The elevated platform's aluminum canopy collapsed onto the rail tracks, causing a blinding flash, sparks, and explosions.

by Tess Owen
Jul 25 2016, 2:40pm

Immagine via Erin Piotrowski/Twitter

Lightning apparently struck a Chicago metro train station during a violent thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon, causing the elevated platform's aluminum canopy to collapse onto the rail tracks and forcing authorities to halt service on three service lines overnight.

Erin Piotrowski, who was passing by in a car with her sister and daughter, was recording video of the dramatic storm on her cellphone and captured the moment that the metal canopy hit the electrified rail, followed by a blinding flash and sparks flying from explosions.

Fire officials told the Chicago Tribune that the area surrounding the walkway leading into the "Blue Line" Medical District stationwas likely struck by lighting. Chicago transit officials said the incident is still under investigation, and looking into whether the storm's high winds caused the metal canopy to come loose.

The streets near the Medical District station were reportedly "littered with fallen tree branches and debris" after the storm, according to the Tribune.

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