Nicole Kidman Joins Elisabeth Moss for a New Season of 'Top of the Lake'

The trailer for the second season, called 'Top of the Lake: China Girl,' dropped in the US on Monday.

Aug 7 2017, 8:52pm

The first season of Jane Campion's New Zealand noir series Top of the Lake ended four years ago. And if that's where it stopped, as a short miniseries built around a captivating performance from Elisabeth Moss, it would have been fine. The seven-episode season was beautiful and terrifying and self-contained, and didn't beg to be picked up for another run with some shoehorned cliffhanger or whatever.

But now, Sundance and Campion have decided to bring Moss's Detective Robin Griffin back for more Top of the Lake, and the trailer promises an action-packed second season.

This time around, the show isn't set in a quiet New Zealand town. Robin has moved to Sydney, Australia, to try and reconnect with her daughter and adopted mother (played by Nicole Kidman). While there, Robin gets pulled into an investigation into the death of a young girl whose body washes ashore.

Besides Kidman, the new season also stars Game of Thrones's Gwendoline Christie as a Sydney cop, and Campion's daughter, Alice Englert, plays Robin's estranged daughter Mary.

"For me this season is so much about motherhood," Moss said during a Television Critics Association event last month, according to USA Today. "Robin has to figure out how to be a mother to Mary, who is a stranger to her... [but] the most important thing to her is to solve this case."

The new season, called Top of the Lake: China Girl, will air in its entirety on SundanceTV over the course of three nights, starting September 10, but you can watch the full trailer on Vulture now. The first episode was met with a standing ovation at Cannes earlier this year and the season has already aired on BBC, in case you want to be spoiled beforehand with some episode recaps.