More Sensational Photos of America from the Mossless Collective

The group is currently showing their work in a gallery in the UK.

by VICE Staff
Apr 29 2015, 3:00pm

Curran Hatleberg

This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

In case you haven't been following their longstanding column on VICE, Mossless is an experimental and documentary photography publisher. Run by Romke Hoogwaerts and Grace Leigh, Mossless started in 2009 as a blog that interviewed a different photographer every two days; since 2012 the magazine has produced three print issues, each dealing with a different type of photography.

Now Mossless are coming to the UK for a new exhibition in Brighton, opening on April 30 at One Eyed Jack's Gallery. The work that'll feature in the show is taken from their third publication—The United States (2003-2013)—and includes photographers Missy Prince, Lara Shipley, Emiliano Granado, Andrew Bruah, and William Mebane, amongst others.

If that isn't enough to get you down to the show, you can check out some more of the photos below. Information on opening times can be found here.

Andrew Bruah


Emiliano Grenado

Nathaniel Turner

Nat Ward

Emily Shur

Whitten Sabbatini

Paul D'Amato

Lara Shipley

Keith Yahrling