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Mexico Wants the Actress Who Got Friendly with El Chapo to Come in for Questioning

Kate del Castillo is under fresh scrutiny for helping Sean Penn meet up with the cartel boss in the jungle.

by VICE Staff
Feb 4 2016, 6:00pm

Kate del Castillo in 2012. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Kate del Castillo might want to steer clear of her homeland.

The Mexican-born actress who currently lives in Los Angeles and reportedly helped Sean Penn meet up with Sinaloa cartel boss El Chapo in the jungle last fall will be detained by authorities if she crosses the border, the Associated Press reports. Del Castillo apparently flaked on an earlier meetup with Mexican officials, who presumably want to know about the flirtatious texts she exchanged with a man whose drug network is notorious for engaging in kidnappings and murders.

On Wednesday, CBS reported that del Castillo filed an injunction in Mexican federal court to block any possible arrest related to her relationship—which some officials seem to believe involves her tequila brand—with El Chapo.

"I'm so moved you say you'll look after me. No one ever has," she wrote in one thread. "Thank you! I'm free next weekend!"

For his part, El Chapo, a.k.a. Joaquín Guzmán Loera, remains in the same Mexican prison where he escaped via tunnel last July, though new security measures like motion sensors and additional cameras have been added to prevent what would be his third breakout.

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