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Artist Shoots Friend

Some of our favorite artists talk about their favorite friends.

by VICE Staff
Nov 1 2010, 12:00am

VICE Fashion - Artist Shoots Friend

Photo Selection by Jonnie Craig
Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos

Blazer and shirt by agnès b. PHOTO AND WORDS BY ASGER CARLSEN
Tim Barber of Tiny Vices is someone who has helped me countless times over the years by featuring my work or showing it in exhibitions. He has done so much for the photographic community so it’s an honour to be appreciated by him. Tim also wrote the foreword for my book, Wrong, with Mörel Books. So this portrait is in homage to that series. 

Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, t-shirt model’s own PHOTO AND WORDS BY JERRY HSU
This is Katina. When I first saw her she was too beautiful to approach. She was so pretty it scared me. It turns out she knew my photography and approached me. Now she is basically my muse and I couldn’t imagine not having her in my photographs.

Smaxa shirt by Diesel PHOTO AND WORDS BY KATHY LO
This is my boyfriend Kaelin. Most of my personal work revolves around him; he is my number one go-to for input. I trust his opinions and he is always there for me 24/7.

Jeanette Steinsland is my Swedish gallerist. She runs a gallery called Steinsland Berliner in the centre of Stockholm which just hosted the exhibition “Vatican Gold”, to which Jerry Hsu, Kevin Long, Ed Templeton and I contributed. I love how excited Jeanette gets about art. When we were hanging the show, we intended to hang around 20 of the 50 Templeton pictures, but because of Jeanette’s enthusiasm, we ended up hanging all 50 on one wall as a collage.  

Vintage Descendents t-shirt, long-sleeve American Apparel shirt, Diesel jeans, Nike shoes, Nabi bag PHOTO AND WORDS BY LELE SAVERI
This is Giuseppe Furcolo. I’ve known him for around 12 years and there is nothing he cannot do. He takes photos, does web design, edits videos and he’s even writing a movie script. After I shoot videos, Giuseppe takes care of all the editing and graphics that I don’t know how to do so well. Oh, and we got arrested together around ten years ago for doing graffiti in Rome. 

American Apparel t-shirt, altered Levi’s denim jacket with vintage leather sleeves, Crumley necklaces PHOTO AND WORDS BY SETH FLUKER
Redia Soltis is the founder and editor-in-chief of the online magazine Zero 1. Redia has helped promote my work through its website and in group exhibitions that she and her partner Jennilee Marigomen curate. 

This is Camilla, my assistant. She basically does everything for me, from designing my books to helping with my organisation to keeping track of weather reports. I’d find it very difficult to operate without her. 

Diesel shirt, Lacoste trousers, Oakley sunglasses, Sperry shoes PHOTO AND WORDS BY RJ SHAUGHNESSY
Jake Trott is known for his continuous attempts to quit smoking cigarettes, as well as the time an art director exploded a water balloon on his crotch at a fancy dress dinner. He once also got hit in the balls during a tomato fight in Spain. Jake is my digital tech, my second set of eyes, my support system, my fire starter, guidance councillor and friend. I owe him a lot.