Sølv's "Dark Romance" Gets to the Root of Human Connection

Oh, the beautiful yet terrifying feeling of having an unspoken synergy with someone else.
October 25, 2016, 2:23pm

Connection between two humans can be beautiful. It can also be frightening, painful, life-affirming, warming, or a combination of all of the above stretched out over an indefinite time period. Ultimately though, it's a strange feeling. And when you connect with someone, getting right to the root of their soul often without even speaking, then you know it.

That unspeakable but very tangible feeling sits at the root of the track "Dark Romance" from Sølv. It's the third and penultimate track from her upcoming EP Black Ink, which we're premiering below. Here's how Sølv explains the track:

"Dark Romance is about having an unmistakable synergy with someone else, a connection that's almost telepathic. You don't have to say anything but they know exactly what you are thinking and connect with the light and dark in your soul."

Listen below: