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Ripsy May’s Video for “Dare” Is What True Freedom Looks Like

Pastel-coloured deserts and field full of sunflowers.

by Daisy Jones
Nov 30 2016, 2:51pm

What does true freedom look like? Lazing in bed until 4 PM? Having a billion pounds marinating in your bank account? Walking around the house naked and eating ice cream at the same time (I don't do that I swear)? When I think of freedom, I think of vast empty spaces, with no people or Tinder or phone calls from PRs—just me, and endless stretches of land, and total silence. In fact, kinda like this video from Ripsy May—a rather bloody talented Latvian-born London singer-songwriter—which we're premiering below.

In the intricate pop song "Dare," May can be seen dancing in a pastel-colored desert, running across endless sandy landscapes and chilling out in a field full of sunflowers. It's calming, it's tranquil, and will probably make you want to stand up from your desk chair right now, walk out the office, spend all your rent money on plane tickets, and start your new life as a wanderer of the earth.

Watch the whole thing below:

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