Watch Some Witches Dance About in Friend's Video for "The Evening Crowns the Day"

They dance in circles, they bathe a naked man, they eat in the company of a ghost.

Oct 26 2016, 9:17am

This post originally appeared on Noisey Alps.

Zurich-based singer/musician Dominik Huber aka Friend proves that music videos don't always have to be an endless stream of weird, detached graphics interspersed with shots of people playing instruments in an empty room. They can also be films in and of themselves - as his new video for "The Evening Crowns the Day", premiering below, proves.

It opens with three minutes of Lars Von Trier-esque scenes of three women with cloth draped over their heads chanting and preparing for some kind of pagan ritual to invoke the night - and only gets stranger from there. They dance in circles, they bathe a naked man, they eat in the company of a ghost. Accompanied by two lethargic synth chords, the whole affair is an enigma that reveals something new, each time you watch it.

Dominik says: "The video captures the feeling of being far away from home. You are in a lonely, yet marvellous place, which is addictive and can't be left anymore. The video was created by the Mexican, Los Angeles-based director Rafael Palacia Illingworth (Between us, Macho, and Man in a Room), and it was shot in Ojo de Agua, Argentina. The landscape was perfect, since it is almost an unreal place. By the various characters in the videoclip, we wanted to create a contrast between reality and dream."

Give it a watch below.

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