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Damn... Bruno Mars Really Brings the Funk on "24K Magic"

Lather this track up and rub it all over your body, because it feels good.

by Noisey
Oct 7 2016, 1:38pm

Oh-weeeeeeeeee. The first few bars in Bruno Mars "24K Magic" literally ooze their way through the ear canal and into the soul. This is the sound of a glittering, almost suave yet ephemerally bad and funky-ass sentinel closing a car door, throwing a coat to the side, and strutting toward a pair of open arms as the credits for a Hollywood movie start to run. It evokes the tonality of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a jet-ski riding off into the balmy palette of a sunset, and all the other good, good times the history books told us about before we were brought into this cruel and colourless life. Fortunately Bruno Mars' "24K Magic" repaints those moments in hyper-technicolour​ for us all to enjoy, with a brilliant, luscious, introduction which kind of recalls Dam-Funk, George Clinton, and all those other funky-motherfuckers, but shoved through one of those lets-get-this-ready-for-day-time-radio machines.

But wait, that's not all. Then the track kicks in and bango: this shit gets certified as an immediate pop banger you can't help but cruise along too, even if Bruno Mars is one of those artists that sits outside the usual realm of taste. The video features a bunch of people having a whole lot of fun, with Bruno Mars shaking his perfectly angled face in the camera at every possible opportunity. Oh, and there's a lot of booty, too. And a jetski! Gotta love a jetski in a music video. Anyway... watch or close your eyes and imagine your own filmic scenario right after clicking play on the handily embedded YouTube video below.

Bruno Mars
24K Magic