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A Trump Supporter Shouted 'We Won, Get Over It' at a 'Hamilton' Performance

He must have missed Trump's tweet about how the theater is a "safe space."

by Allison Schaller
Nov 21 2016, 5:53pm

Thumbnail image via Flickr user Travis Wise

Just a night after the Broadway cast of Hamilton preached to Vice President-elect Mike Pence from the stage and completely enraged Donald Trump, a theatergoer decided to take a stand in solidarity for the new leaders of the free world.

The man, 56-year-old John Palmer, shouted "we won, get over it" and "let's go Democrats, I'll kill you all" at a Chicago performance of the musical, the Chicago Sun Times reports.

Chicago police arrested the allegedly drunk Palmer and charged him with one misdemeanor count of criminal trespass to land after causing a disturbance at the performance and then refusing to leave—probably because he remembered, through his drunken stupor, how much he paid for his ticket.

Evidently, it was the play's chant "Immigrants—we get the job done!" that set Palmer off. Attendees told that Palmer raised his voice and shot the bird to anyone who looked at him. "He was saying things like, 'We won. Trump is president. Get over it,'" audience member Kate Hoyt told the site.

As the theater staff tried to remove the belligerent Palmer, he continued to argue through two more songs. It's safe to assume this was wildly disruptive to the other audience members and cast alike, but, you know, the show must go on, drunk arrest or not. The guy must have missed Trump's tweet about how the theater is a "safe space."

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