Kentucky Creationists Have Built a Life-Size Noah's Ark Replica, Complete with Dinosaurs

The 510-foot ark comes with cages of animal statues Creationists believe were onboard with Noah and the fam about 6,000 years ago.

by VICE Staff
Jul 8 2016, 6:12pm

That's a real big boat. Photo via Ark Encounter

Some Creationists in Kentucky are ready to teach some biblical thrill seekers the story of creation—or at least the Bible's version of it—after the grand opening of a life-size Noah's Ark museum Thursday, the AP reports.

The 510-foot ark replica has the same dimensions as in the Bible and is complete with cages of animal figurines thought to have been onboard with Noah and the fam 6,000 years ago. Apparently dinosaurs made the trip too, because they also have cages onboard, even though scientific evidence places them stomping around on Earth 65 million years ago or whatever.

The ark's grand opening has caused a little bit of controversy among non-believers—as did the original, surely—and even some Christian leaders, who believe the $100 million barge shouldn't have received tax breaks.

Reverend Bob Fox of the Faith Baptist Church in nearby Georgetown told CNN, "I have a great deal of difficulty when the state is asked to promote a religious position and through funding. So my concern is that when the state offers tax incentives to what is essentially a religious enterprise, they are promoting that religious group."

Perhaps the biggest opponent of the ark's educational slant is national treasure Bill Nye the Science Guy, who agreed to a debate about evolution with the ark's creator, Ken Ham, back in 2014. Much to Nye's dismay, the debate might have actually brought in more funding for the project after accumulating in 5.4 million views on YouTube.

In addition to the giant boat, the park boasts a petting zoo with real, living animals, as well as restaurants, zip lines, and a 900-seat auditorium for live entertainment.