North Korea's Rocket Was Mostly Homemade

Turns out NoKo is way better at building rockets than anyone thought.


You didn't think the North Korean rocket story would go away, did you?

Last time we checked in, it looked like North Korea had help from Iran, which was worrisome because Iran has more resources for developing a serious rocket program, and if the pair teamed up, a nuclear ICBM isn't totally out of the question. South Korea identified the Iran connection after fishing a piece of the rocket out of the ocean. But after recovering around 10 pieces of the rocket and analyzing them further, South Korean analysts released a report saying that the rocket was made in North Korea.

That on its own is worrisome as the international community previously thought that sanctions might be able to limit North Korea's ability to import its rocket supplies. But if it's homebrewed, slowing its development of potential ICBMs is a lot harder diplomatically.

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