Turn Your Web Browsing into Abstract Art

Rafaël Rozendaal's 'Abstract Browsing' gives you a much more colorful web experience.

by Emerson Rosenthal
Mar 24 2015, 4:30pm

A Google Drive spreadsheet seen with the Abstract Browsing extension. See the original image here

Surfing the 'net becomes a blend of words and images that blur together when you're past the point of eye fatigue. Thanks to Rafaël Rozendaal, you can stay on, but still tune in and drop out with a far-more pleasing browsing experience. Abstract Browsing is a Chrome extension that turns the objects on your screen into an array of blocks. Pictures, tables, and text boxes each get assigned random colors, resulting in a display that looks something like a construction paper collage, but without any visible content. You can still click stuff and enter text, you just won't know what or where, leading to endless possibilities for your nonpictorial perusing pleasures. 

Abstract Browsing is only the latest in a series of web experiments from Rozendaal that has included abstrct depictions of sadness, an interactive color flipbook, and a pastel geometry drawing tool, but it's useful in the way that these single-serving sites are not: why not leave things up to chance and navigate an abstract net? You might be surprised where you end up. Click here to download Abstract Browsing from the Chrome Web Store

Browser windows seen with Abstract Browsing, followed by the same page without it. Images via 


Rafaël Rozendaal | The Creators Project

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