Watch an iPhone's Life and Death in First-Person

What's it like to be on the other side of the black mirror?

by Nicole Walsh
Jun 25 2015, 1:30pm

Screencap via

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an iPhone, gazing out at the same monotonous face day in and day out? NYC filmmaker Paul Trillo shows us what it’s like to be that essential extension of our arm that we carry around each day in his latest film, The Life and Death of an iPhone.

The Life and Death of an iPhone was shot using an iPhone, edited with an iPhone, and shows what it might be like to be an iPhone. Trillo takes viewers from the factory in China to the owners' home where it begins its pocket-to-pocket journey. From cheesy pick-up lines and first dates, to nose-picks on the subway, we see firsthand what it’s like to be that most sacred of devices. The iPhone ultimately meets its fate when it lands in a puddle at a subway station in New York, saturated, cracked and lifeless, so Trillo decides to sell it back to the Chinese warehouse where it’s repaired and begins its life anew.

The whole video which was created with the help of Vimeo's new video editing app, Cameo, which Trillo tells the Creator’s Project, “was an interesting and bizarre way of making a narrative film.” In the past, Trillo has experimented with double exposure phototgraphy to tell a simple love story, and interpretive dance to show the birth of the universe.

Watch The Life and Death of an iPhone below.

See more of Paul Trillo's work on his website.


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