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Song Made Using Old Technology Is A Farewell To Forgotten Friends

James Houston's short film is a homage to the dead media we once cherished.

by Kevin Holmes
Aug 22 2013, 12:12pm

Technology comes, technology goes. And it eventually becomes dead media, maybe one day turning up on one of those antiques TV shows or better yet, it gets a second lease of life as a musical instrument.

In the video above musician Julian Corries is sat in an empty swimming pool surrounded by old games consoles, joysticks, a Commodore 64 and other wonders from bygone eras, conducting them into an ode to the tech of the past.

It's directed by filmmaker James Houston, who's worked with outdated tech before on a version of Radiohead's "Nude", and produced by Bold Yin. On his Vimeo page Houston notes, "The unusual ensemble (controlled live via MIDI) are given a last curtain call in a nostalgic farewell to forgotten friends." Hold back those tears.

[via Colossal]


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