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Colorful Octopus Eyes Open in Stop-Motion [Music Video]

Dream pop outfit Inspired & the Sleep get an otherworldly aquatic treatment in Robert Crispe's video for "Die Slow."

by The Creators Project
Jan 13 2016, 5:25pm

Screencap by the author, via

Feel as free as you want to make fun of me for saying it, but out of all of the taxonomic classes, cephalopoda is above and beyond my favorite (sorry not sorry, mammalia!). Three reasons why: squids, cuttlefish, and octopi. In Robert Crispe's video for San Diego dream pop outfit Inspired & the Sleep's "Die Slow," I sense that the Australian director has a similar sentiment: 3,762 individually hand-designed, crafted, illustrated, and animated frames later, few animals—or, perhaps aliens—glow brighter. What's more, the entire video was captured in-camera, making this piece soar like Inspired & the Sleep's Max Greenhalgh's airy, Grizzly Bear-worthy vocals. 

Check out "Die Slow" below:

"Die Slow" is off of Inspired & the Sleep's EP, EYELID KID, which is available for free download this week only. 


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