Tour Digital Real Estate Inspired By Lucid Dreams

Artist Sara Ludy's "Dream House" gives a tour of the artist's ideal lodgings, based on her own lucid dreams.

Jul 16 2014, 10:25pm

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Some people spend days planning elaborate dream homes, dream jobs, and dream vacations, gathering ideas from magazines, Pinterest boards, and movies. Artist Sara Ludy is designing her dream home, but instead of catalogues, she's going straight to the source— her dreams themselves. 

Dream House is the otherworldly result of her efforts: a guided tour through the halls of her hallowed cerebral home. Clean and futuristic, and completely divorced from corporeal functionality, this is clearly a house from another dimension. Co-opting the language of a real estate agent selling an average home, the YouTube description paints a picture of amenities that are anything but average. " This secluded 100-acre island gem is found resting on the center coordinates from a 3 second transport time," she begins. "Surrounded by void, this island is a timeless wonder; featuring Dream House, the primary memory palace experience." The house also features a "domestic labyrinth," "three lucid dream spaces," and the standard "Transport Bed."

According to an interview with Animal New York, Ludy has been constructing this ephemeral architecture for the past 10 months, only exposing it to the public once, at L.A.'s Honor Fraser Gallery, between March and April. Now, anybody with an Internet connection can get a glimpse of Ludy's dreamy "Floor Curves," "Entity Bust," and "Sun Disc." Consisting of a still image series preview of the final product that Ludy is still building, each frame in the new video is accompanied by authentic room tone, giving the tour a strange link to reality that only enhances its prime location deep inside the uncanny valley. 

The description ends with a concise plug meant to detach potential buys from every known dimension: "Dream House is the traveler's perfect destination for exploring authentic dreams embedded in time, space and structure." We're sold— at least for a brief holiday vacation— but there's just one problem: we're not yet sure how to get there.

If you're also itching to live in this piece of prime real estate, you bring your daydreams to life over at Ludy's portfolio page.

h/t Animal New York


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