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Take A 5 Minute Tour Through The Year In Video Art

" 2014" compiles a series of experimental art projects into one visual mixtape.
August 12, 2014, 8:00pm
By Carlos Sáez

At the end of the opening of her first solo exhibition, Sweet Finances!, Spanish artist Claudia Maté revealed a stimulating series of experimental video art, stitched together in a collection titled 2014. Nameafter the online gallery she curates with multimedia artistCarlos Sàez, the five-minute sequence was comprised of some of the artists' favorite visual work from the past six months. Today, the visual odyssey is premiering online for the first time today here on The Creators Project. 2014 uncompromisingly surges at the viewer, projecting image after image of electrifying technological dystopias and surrealist imagery, all underscored by a pounding electronic track byOliver Dias. The 2014 compilation includes work from several innovative artists, including Jeremy Couillard, Brenna Murphy, Nicolas Sassoon & Sara Ludy, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Carlos Sáez, and Golgotha.

Each contribution is a 40-second visual strike bearing the aesthetic signature of each artist. The artworks bleed into one another, creating a vibrant patchwork of video pieces that feels coherent without sacrificing the vision of each individual artist.

"Claudia and I wrote down some names of artists whose work had been inspiring us throughout the year," Saèz told The Creators Project. "Then we reduce the list to only five with different work styles in order to get an heterogeneous final piece."

Matté agreed, adding, "We gave the [prompt] velocity to the artists before starting to work on their pieces, but it was a thematic one that was completely open."

Watch the visual mixtape above, and see some specific cuts from the various contributors:

By Brenna Murphy

By Golgotha

By Jaakko Pallasvuo

By Jeremy Couillard

Transition between Sassoon and Ludy (with Pallasvuo)


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