On Cervantes' 400th Death Day, His Town Pays Tribute

Spanish artists Luzinterruptus collaborate with students to pay a glowing tribute to Cervantes.

by Francesca Capossela
Jun 8 2016, 6:30pm

Image courtesy of Luzinterruptus

The Madrid-based activist art group that previously hung water-filled condoms from a ceiling to protest the privatization of water in Spain has now created a shrine of glowing notebooks in honor of Miguel de Cervantes’ 400th anniversary of his death. Luzinterruptus was invited by the Cervantes Birthplace Museum to create an installation for the legendary Spanish author on their “Night of Books.” In partnership with the museum, the artists encouraged students to donate notebooks in which “neighbors could present ideas, drawings, and notes on the life and work of their universally famous fellow townsman.” After amassing 2,000 notebooks illustrated by locals, Luzinterruptus hung them as lluminated artworks like a sea of phosphorescent kelp.

Images courtesy Luzinterruptus

The installation, called Cervantes a la Luz (Cervantes in the Spotlight), lasted for three days, after which the notebooks were returned to their creators. Luzinterruptus says that the notebooks were the true treasures of the installation. The piece celebrated both Cervantes and the oral histories of his town. In the future, the artists are looking to fill a square with parked cars, which they will illuminate from within and cover in translucent fabric.

To learn more about Luzinterruptus click here.


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