Your Brainwaves Control the Wings of a Gorgeous Butterfly Skirt

The calmer you are, the faster the 'Enlightenment' skirt flaps its wings.

Jun 24 2016, 2:00pm

Images and gifs courtesy of the artist

A giant turquoise butterfly flaps its wings faster as you become more calm in the Enlightenment skirt. The piece combines fashion and technology, visualizing its wearers' brainwaves, to calming effects. These are measured by an Neurosky EEG headset, which sends data to two hidden servo motors powered by an arduino micro.

Enlightenment was created by Birce Ozkan and Betty Quinn. Ozkan is a New York-based interactive fashion and wearable technology artist. Her most recent work has centered around creating fashion and technology which responds to nature and the environment. She curated a Wearable Technology and Functional Garments Exhibition at SXSTYLE SXSW in Austin, where her work was also featured. Quinn is an interaction designer and new media artist. After a video she submitted with her college application went viral, Quinn decided to pursue her passion for combining storytelling and technology.

See the Enlightenment skirt come to life in the video below. 

Click here to visit Enlightenment's project page. To learn more about Birce Ozkan, click here. To see more of Betty Quinn’s work, visit her website


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