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See 1,400 Ghostly, Glowing Hands Illuminate a Lake

The eerie exhibition by anonymous art collective Luzinterruptus sent 1,400 glowing latex gloves floating across a lake in the French Parcs des Iris et de l’Ermitage.

by Sami Emory
Oct 31 2014, 9:00pm

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Luzinterruptus, the Spanish art collective responsible for the 6,000 plastic bottle labyrinth, the 4,000 plastic bag holiday tree, and this canopy of LED-lit vegetables, recently lit up a lake in Lormont, France with a thousand glowing, disembodied hands. Known as Coming Afloat?, the project forms part of France’s Biennial Panorama, and is described by the group as a piece wherein "beings of light would be trying to come afloat or would be sinking (depending on one’s life experience)..."

To orchestrate the eerie illusion that is Coming Afloat?, Luzinterruptus pumped 1,400 light-filled latex gloves with air and set them adrift. In the daytime, amongst flocks of bemused ducks, and buoyed by the early autumnal breezes, the gloves seem out of place, almost comical. In the dark, however, the gloves came alive, glowing and swirling on the surface of the murky waters like wraiths sinking to the bottom of, or trying to crawl out of the idyllic lake. 

Comprised of anonymous artists, the Madrid-based collective known as Luzinterruptus creates work in public spaces, employing everyday materials to highlight the beauty of underappreciated spaces. In the case of Coming Afloat?, the lake becomes a spooky host for magic, ghost stories, and illuminating creativity.  

Here are some our favorite images from Luzinterruptus’ Coming Afloat?:


Check out more of their work on the Luzinterruptus website.

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