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CLAUDE Brings the Funk. That's All You Need to Know.

Y'all need to hear this EP.
September 12, 2014, 8:44pm

French DJ/Producer Fulgeance has developed a strong reputation for leftfield, thinky beats full of blips and breaks on his own Musique Large imprint, but his new project CLAUDE, in collaboration with Darius Broobecker, is all about that funk. "It's about swing, shuffle and groove," he tells THUMP. "Three of the most important element in Claude's music and something we are always searching for at Musique Large."

The EP, titled Solid, is a must-listen. It's playful, provocative, and full of deep, melodic grooves. When we asked Fulgeance to get creative with describing the EP, Fulgeance was way ahead of us: "I think it's just obvious, it's a strong EP, something with muscles, love and a solid heartbeat. It's like a magnetic relation between two objects, like a belly full of alcohol getting better from quality food or two lovers getting stronger staying together."

In the project, Fulgeance is the producer extraordinaire and Darius is the creative x-factor. Fulgeance explains, "My man Darius, he's the digger, the sample searcher, most of the tracks on this EP comes up first with one of Darius' samples. He's also a gigantic house music lover, and he brought this back to me this music that you can feel with your body, stayin' funky but without complexes, even if we love building breaks and surprises into track structures... I know dancers need that too."

Check the lead track on the EP above. It's called "Claudius," and we're calling it their anthem. Total twonk-funk. It's out digitally and on vinyl on October 6th. Pre-buy link is here. (Click it. Do it)

CLAUDE on FB // Soundcloud
Musique Large on FB // Soundcloud

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